Sculpture course

Surprisingly, figure is one of the sculptures. Sculpture has been developed since the ancient human made Venus with dirt in the cave. This accumulation of long history has widened the expression of contemporary 3D-art.
In this course, students challenge advanced 3D-art using variety of materials such as wood, stone, plastic and resin, based on theory and technique of traditional sculpture. 3D-art shows the strong presence of existing, which is the fascination of sculpture. So students feel and grasp the 3D space through their creation, which cultivates their sense of reality and space.
Creating sculpture and 3D formative art develop the drawing ability because it requires a good understanding to see the subject accurately. And person who has such an ability should be able to create new art.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students are encouraged to understand 3D space and learn basic drawing. Then, they acquire the skill of creating statues and making plaster casts. They cultivate basic ability of sculpture through learning theory and practice such as creating figures, wood carving and making space.
2nd-Year This year level introduce the professional skill and formative expression such as life-size stature, stone carving, hammering or casting of metal forming. Students explore abstract form of nature and learn the practical skill opening to the public by artisan.
3rd-Year Students work on materials of stone, wood, soil, water, wind and light for the sculpture and forming art. They participate in various symposiums and show how sculpture is engaged with the society.
4th-year Students make full use of their skill and experience, and create freely with perspective of exhibit their artwork outside campus. Graduation Work is a compilation of what students have learned for the past four years. It is also a starting point of their professional creating career.