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Japanese Painting course

Japanese painting can express more flexible and wide-ranging art than people imagine even though traditional materials are used. Japanese painting has a characteristic process to make our own paint by mixing pigment with Nikawa-glue. Painting over and over makes color beautiful, which is more attractive than the other painting. We paint on not only Washi-paper but also wooden-board and silk using various technique such as scratching and burning.
In this course, based on studying the fundamental Japanese painting through classic art and reproductive art, faculty members of many fields instruct from multiple perspective so that students are able to pursue their original expression.
New curriculum is adapted for unique creation, which enables students to study the subjects from other course. This course is a place for students to acquire the traditional skills and make a personal statement as well.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students are expected to acquire the basic techniques for Japanese Painting through the experience of various fields. Practical work crossing the boundaries strengthens the basics for students, and they understand specific characteristics of Japanese painting materials as well as develop their drawing skills.
2nd-Year This year level is designed to introduce the process of Japanese painting. In studio practice, students mainly work on painting on the theme of plants and birds.
3rd-Year Painting landscape and person develop students’ expertise and expressiveness. They also conduct research on modern and classic artworks to extend their creative skills.
4th-Year Students work independently based on their selected theme. Working process from conception to completion helps student develop their abilities of thinking and judging. In the second semester, students devote themselves to their final project toward graduation exhibition.