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Oil Painting course

Painting has been highly accurate communication tool without using language since ancient times. This course places emphasis on the acquisition of oil painting techniques, which forms the basis of various painting method. It also includes diverse expression technique classes such as mural and tempera art. We encourage students to exhibit actively their works. Many students won the prizes at prestigious competitions while in school. Then, they succeed as artist, art teacher, art packaging specialist and so on, taking advantage of acquired skills. Ability to frame and finish a piece of artwork cultivates power to live which leads to life rich in creativity.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year This year level starts from the basic drawings. Students mainly learn oil painting techniques and also explore more about 3D expression and classic technique of art.
2nd-Year Painting figure, still life and landscape expand students’ artistic expression skills. Students learn various painting techniques, colors, structures and materials. They also learn theory of modern and contemporary painting to develop their creative, self-expression skills.
3rd-Year This level focuses on research various aspects of expression technique. Students also discover new horizons of contemporary art painting approaches. Some elective subjects give students the opportunity to learn engraving and mural techniques.
4th-Year Students develop their expressive strength based on the study engaged in over the past three years. In the second semester, students devote themselves to their final project toward graduation exhibition.