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Jewelry Design course

People desire Jewelry for all eternity as long as there are people existing who are interested in beauty. A designer creates a jewelry fully using sense and technique, and adorns someone with it. That is sheer pleasure a jewelry designer knows. Jewelry design is the smallest size of art and design in our life. In the US, the field of Jewelry Art has been established.
In this course, practical instruction is offered by the front-line jewelry designer and the instructor from the corporation. Students master the Japanese traditional metalworking technique and American technique using their ability of depiction and expression, and all kinds of materials such as metal, noble metal, gem, plastic, cloth, wood, ceramic and so on. They have greater chances and possibilities to become on their own as Jewelry artist or become Jewelry coordinator at craftsman shop in the future.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students learn drawing, carving and sculpture, basic toreutics and basics of lost-wax process to produce jewelry. They also learn basic skill of computer design.
2nd-Year Students improve their ability of toreutics from basic to advance. They also acquire how to use colored bare metal and how to color the metal. They challenge to combine metal and other materials like cloth and paper to make jewelry, and master the metallic casting of lost-wax.
3rd-Year Abilities of marketing for planning, management and presentation are developed. Students challenge to make their artworks for the business of jewelry design.
4th-Year Students create their actual original jewelry by both hand-drawn and computer-drawn design, and make a presentation. Comprehensive ability as a professional jewelry designer is enhanced.