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Illustration Design course

People have been so familiar with illustration in a picture book, products package and TV commercial since they are very young. Illustration has great power to touch people’s heart. Becoming an active professional illustrator requires good understanding design of advertisement and edition as well as depictive ability. Instructors who are professional illustrator and graphic designer teach students various expression techniques from basic to practice. Through the practical curriculum, students grow as the illustrators who understand design and the designers who understand illustration. So, there are a wide variety of opportunities in future; advertisement, publication, Web and game field. What’s important is that you keep your desire for depicting into the future.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students develop an expressive ability of illustration through basic practice such as depiction, structure and computer. They also learn skill of letters and photograph, and its correlation with illustration as elements of visual communication design.
2nd-Year Students are encouraged to understand expression of illustration such as advertisement, editing, package design, corporate identity/visual identity and small graphics. They learn the specialized area as illustrator and graphic designer.
3rd-Year The practical classes are provided. Each student chooses the filed of design; advertisement, editing and package, and also the expression method; analog and digital. They expand and deepen their study in the individual seminar.
4th-Year Students learn the correlation between illustration and society. They acquire the comprehensive ability of illustration and design through the process from planning to completion of works. Their graduation works convey their message to society.