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Graphic Design course

In the field of graphic design, a wide range of skills are required. They are great ability to express, eyes to judge valuable resources and information, and also conception ability to see entire design from an objective standpoint. All instructors of this course are professional designers. They provide practical lectures; advertising design including poster, edit design of books and magazines, and design for corporate logo, merchandise package and signs on the street. Those experiences enable students to think about what they can do to deliver their message. And they acquire the abilities; how to think logically, how to get and propose their ideas, and how to behave in good manners as well as artistic skills of visual design. Also, students are encouraged to attend exhibitions and competitions to foster professionalism.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students learn the basics of visual communication design through the experience of color, shape and letter for creating design. They also acquire expression technique such as computer, photograph and depictive skill.
2nd-Year Students explore and experience the whole area of visual communication design such as advertisement, editing and product planning. They improve the computer techniques acquired for the specialized field.
3rd-Year 3rd-year: Students choose the theme of specialization for practical skill from ad, edit, package, corporate logo & character, and signs on the street.
4th-Year Students develop their planning ability with flexible mid-set to produce the graduation work. And they acquire comprehensive ability from art direction to creation to be ready for work right after graduation.

Career Options

Graphic designer (poster, flier, books, brochure, logo, character), package designer, art director, environmental graphic designer, illustrator, commercial director, photographer, junior-high/high school teacher, curator, proceeding to graduate school

Introduction of classes

Advertisement/poster Students design posters using photograph, illustration and letter for a variety of purposes such as sightseeing, public advertising, product announcement and event announcement. This task requires comprehensive ability the most as graphic design.
Package design Students design packages for snack and other products. They aim for the design which deliver message about products after considering adverting effects for the display at shop.
Layout of magazine Students design feature spread pages for magazine. It needs to be eye-catching design, so layout of letters and photos are important.
Exhibition at gallery off campus Students challenge the exhibition at the gallery in downtown Nagoya to show the achievement of their efforts. It is a good opportunity for them to show their talent to professional designer and illustrator.