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Contemporary Art course

There are always the vanguard artists who break the new era in art history. Da Vinchi, Van Gogh and Hokusai were all modern artists, and no one had created such novel and sensational artworks at that time.
In this class, we provide the unconventional curriculum beyond the existent fields to improve students’ qualification as the modern artists. It allows students to find the most interesting field as they learn all kinds of expression technique; computer, 3D, visual arts, installation and performance. They challenge their own original expression using any media they want. Teaching staff are all professional artists who challenge the new expression beyond their specialties, and many of them have rich experience abroad. We also have international exchange students and some of alumni work in abroad. We encourage you to take active step to become an artist who creates future classic in this international atmosphere.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students in the first and second year experience various ways of expression and thinking. They learn a wide variety of basic skills such as metal processing, image expression and computer as well as gaining experience in figures/still-life drawing and also 3D organization to review the fundamentals of visual art.
2nd-Year Students acquire the essential and important skills for expressing contemporary art. They also learn the expressing technique such as mixed media, installation, plastic molding and computer skill to express themselves as they like.
3rd-Year Each student develops an idea of artwork based on the skill and thought acquired in the small class size seminar. They challenge the open-air exhibition planned by themselves and improve the ability of planning and presentation as well as creating.
4th-Year In the first semester of seminar class, students have several presentations of their artwork and held the exhibition on campus. In the second semester, students of different classes work together and have the graduation work exhibition.

Career Options

Artist, media artist, character designer, graphic designer, web designer, game designer, photo artist, event planner, display designer, game developer, system engineer, gallery owner, photographer, magazine editor, artwork transporter, clay model creator, film creator, public organization official, print designer, stage art designer, craft designer, junior-high/high school teacher, university professor, curator, proceeding to graduate school

Introduction of classes

Plastics molding Students create the plastic molding in order to learn the technique of plastics processing, casting plastics into the clay mold. Using the mold enables them to produce the same pattern in large quantities at one time. They also acquire the technique to produce the large size work.
Art Field Students plan and organize the open-air exhibition by themselves. They negotiate with the owner of land to set up the exhibition, apply for the regulatory authorities, ask the companies for cooperation and also ask the mass media for public relations activities on this project. It enables them to acquire the ability of planning and negotiation.
Pinhole camera photo Students make the ancestral camera called “camera-obscra”. They develop the photo, and see what people’s eyes have caught. In the first class, students make their studio into the huge camera-obscra, and have an experience to see the outside landscape reflected on the wall, which is fantastic and beautiful.
Seminar In Inter Media course, the seminar class starts from the 3rd year. Small number of students and professor deepen their discussions about self-expression exchanging their opinions closely, and sharpen their feelings and senses. We invite some guests as well as visiting art museum, gallery and artists.