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Architecture & Interior Design course

Beautiful buildings, towns and comfortable interior space make people happy and enjoyable. Architecture and interior design has much to do with our life. So this field is worth having our passion and brings us special accomplishment.
This course has well-developed design curriculum that is a feature of art university. It also has an educational program that provides a required technological knowledge. Students have hands-on experience of architecture and interior space design through the practical work. On graduating, they are qualified for taking the official examination for Grade 1st and 2nd Registered Architect. Students improve their design ability through their works exhibitions both on and off campus. It surely becomes their advantage in their future career.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year First year level is designed to learn fundamentals of design fields widely. Students learn how to operate 2D-CAD and acquire the skill of space expression such as architectural drafting, perspective drawing and model making. They also improve the space acknowledgement ability and challenge the design of small-scale facilities.
2nd-Year Students acquire designing and planning skills for wooden architecture. They design a wooden house and draw the perspective using 3D-CAD. They also challenge designing a museum and chairs place in there . Chairs are produced in full scale and exhibited.
3rd-Year Students challenge more professional and large scale design for urban and regional planning such as commercial and educational facilities. They also learn about building rquipment and structural dynamics for the actual practice.
4th-Year In the final year, students design the collective housing in urban life. They design the graduation works taking advantage of the obtained skills with specifying its site and building. They display their works in the exhibition as new and attractive plan for society.