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Animation・CG course

Image media such as cell-phone, internet and digital terrestrial broadcasting are flooded around us and its contents keep evolving. The share of animation artworks in the field of media is increasing and becoming indispensable. Animation course provides the lessons focusing on creative animation which shows creator's strong personality as art expression as well as commercial animation. Technological instruction by experts and fully equipped environment with camera and computer enables students to learn a wide variety of knowledge on animation and the cutting-edge expression. We aim for novel expression such as image installation and clay animation which nobody has imaged before. Thorough instruction for each student enhances their ability to build idea. With acquiring the skill as an image creator for the next generation, they are capable to be an animator and also a creator of film-making filed and Web-related field in a future.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students learn the fundamentals of visual arts over again as the basics of image and animation. We provide the programs to learn sketch and drawing of human body, 2D & 3D composition, stature and metal working.
2nd-Year Students learn how to handle the movie equipment, camera work and animation principle to understand the movement of screen. They also have experience to write scenario and design character, which improves their basic skill and knowledge to produce the image and animation.
3rd-Year Students create image and animation works in small class size seminar. They receive practical instructions such as scenario and computer graphics by experts as well as acquiring the cutting edge knowledge and skill. Then, they explore their original expression and lay a foundation for future.
4th-Year In the first semester of seminar class, students have several presentations of their artwork and hold the exhibition on campus. In the second semester, each seminar class works together having presentations and giving comments each other to challenge making experimental film and animation for the graduation work exhibition.

Career Options

Image creator, image editor, animation creator, illustrator, artist, TV camera operator, photographer, promotion video creator, commercial creator, scenario writer, stage artist, broadcast writer, broadcast director, performance director, game developer, Web designer, junior-high/high school teacher, university professor, curator, vocational school instructor, proceeding to graduate school

Introduction of classes

Basics of Image Students produce “long take” film taken uninterrupted for 10 minutes to acquire the shooting technique and camera work. They make a group, write scenario, prepare for shooting, acting instruction, and then shoot a film. 10 minutes film makes an unexpected drama.
Basics of animation Students create a flip book which is the basis of animation, using by computer. They film a video of the movement of themselves for 10 seconds, and separate them into 100 pieces of still image. It is processed to make moving image which is produced as an animated image.