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Transit - International Exchange

Artworks created by developing our international exchange and exhibitions in overseas


Our school makes the international exchange agreements with universities around the world. We accept the foreign students from the partner schools as well as sending our students to overseas schools. We also hold the international exhibition called “Transit”. Meeting, talking and creating with the foreign students who have the same interests and aspirations provide a great opportunity for students to exhibit their artworks both in Japan and overseas.

History of TRANSIT

・2001 Dusseldorf Art Academy (Germany)
・2002 Bauhaus University, Weimer (Germany)
・2003 Academy Minerva (Netherlands)
・2004 Bauhaus University, Weimer (Germany)
・2005 Bauhaus University, Weimer (Germany), Concordia University (Canada),
   Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Academy Minerva (Netherlands)
・2006 Pre-exhibition at Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
・2007 Traveling-exhibition at Tokyo Zokei University, Kyoto University of Art & Design
・2008 Main-exhibition at Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
・2009 Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
・2010 Boise State University (USA)
・2011 Boise State University (USA)
・2012 Houghe University(CHINA), Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
・2013 Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong), Hertfordshire University (U.K.)
・2014 Bauhaus University, Weimer (Germany)
・2015 Bauhaus University, Weimer (Germany)
・2016 Hertfordshire University (U.K.)
・2018 Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)

Dusseldorf Art Academy (Germany):

This institute has a long history since Prussia Royal Arts Academy was established in Rhein province in 1814 based on the establishment of art school in Germany in 1773. Paul Klee was one of the instructors. Since Joseph Beuys instructed in 1960s and lead today’s prosperity of contemporary art in Germany, this institute has established the status in art world.

Bauhaus University (Germany):

Weimer, Germany where the university is located is a city rich in art. More than 5000 students are enjoying various academic programs in art, design, media, architecture and urban engineering.

Hanze University Groningen, Academy Minerva (Netherlands):

The Academy Minerva is located in the northern region of Netherland. It has led the modern art as well as taking over the tradition from the master artist Van Gogh. The Academy offers a variety of study programs of art and design, providing excellent facilities and staffs.

Carnegie Mellon University (USA):

This school boasting the high-quality education is the top-ranking university across the US. The faculty of art consists of drama, architecture, design, art and music.

Concordia University (Canada):

The university is located in the center of Montreal, Canada, established in 1974. The faculty of fine arts consists of education, history, modern dance, art therapy, art & design, movie, music, theatrical art, and drama.

Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts (Hong Kong):

Academy was launched in 2006 in the faculty of Art of Hong Kong Baptist University. It locates at the former historic Royal Air Force Officer's Mess, the 3500-square-meter building. Academy has a curriculum with combination of tradition and advanced technology, art and design.

Boise State University (USA):

The university is a public research institution located in downtown Boise, an urbanizing capital city of Idaho, founded in 1932. It is organized into seven colleges including more than 190 fields of study, known as one of the top up-and-coming schools in the northwest of the US.

Hertfordshire University (U.K.):

The university is located in north of London, an attractive, beautiful and safe area.
In Art & design course, students learn marketing from practical and theoretical standpoint.