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System / Certificate

We have a variety of supporting systems for the highly-motivated students. They are able to aim for acquisition of qualification which leads the great success in future. We encourage students to realize each individual dream and potential.

Scholarship System

Scholarship of Japan Student Services Organization (loan)

This is the national scholarship foundation based on the law of Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Student Services Organization. This scholarship contribute to the development of a healthy society by providing an educational opportunity for those whose academic performance is excellent yet has difficulty maintaining their academic life due to their financial problems. The amount of scholarship is decided on a case-by-case basis. For the students who live with their parents are loaned with 54,000 yen monthly, and for those who live independently are loaned with 64,000 yen(“1st no interest yielding loan”). There is another system called “2nd interest yielding loan” which allows students to choose the amount of the loaning money from 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, or 100,000 yen monthly.

The National Educational Loan

This is a public system of advancing funds for educational necessity. Our students can apply for this loan at the enrollment and during in college. For more information, please consult directly at the window of the National Life Finance Corporation.

Emergency Funds of Tobi-kai(a benefit)

For those who have difficulty continuing their academic life because their financial conditions changed suddenly, the amount of 500,000yen as the upper limit for one person is provided.

Admission of Adult Students and Foreign Students

Admission for Foreign Students

To meet the demand for international cultural exchange, our school introduces a system to offer an educational opportunity for foreign students. Through this system, we widely accept a variety of students from all over the world.

Admission for Adult Students

In accordance with the increasing interest of lifelong education, we offer an educational opportunity for adult students who play an active role in society or engage in housework. Adult students are selected by appropriate method.

System for Research Students

This is a system for those who wish to promote further interest in their special art fields even after their graduation.

System for Visiting Students

For those wishing to take specific lectures in our school, we grant them admission as a visiting student after screening. Applicants must have a minimum of high school degree. The duration is set within 1 year. Those who took a course and successfully passed the examination can acquire the appropriate credit.

Transfer System

We accept the students who wish to transfer to the 3rd year of our university. Applicants are those who graduated from art or design junior-colleges as well as 4-years universities, or those who stayed in school for 2 years and over completing 62 and more credits. Students are given essay examination as well as judgment on their artworks and individual interview to see applicants’ attitudes and interests in each art field. Examination for practical skill is not charged, yet set for foreign students.

Possible certificates students are eligible to obtain

For all courses & classes

Course for the Teaching Profession & Curator

These 2 courses are designed for students who wish to become a teacher or a curator. In a curriculum for the teaching profession, students are able to acquire the specified teaching license provided by obtaining the required credits in each faculty. As for the Curator Course, on the other hand, students who have completed the required credits are given a certificate for museum curator at the time of their graduation. These professional certificates are substantially advantageous when students get their jobs. Further, it widens students’ appeal to a variety of enterprises related to education and culture.

For Architecture Design Course & Interior Design Course

Qualification for taking an exam for Grade 1 Certified Architect

In order to take an exam for Grade 1 Certified Architect, you need more than 4 year working experiences after gaining Grade 2 Certified Architect. However, since our school is the first art school sanctioned for Grade 1 Certified Architect in Tokai region, our graduates have an advantage to take the exam for Grade 1 with more than 2 year working experiences.

Qualification for taking an exam for Grade 2 Certified Architect and Wooden Architect

Students are able to obtain a qualification for taking an exam of Grade 2 Certified Architect and Wooden Architect at the same time of their graduation. Especially for those who are intending to work on designing houses or shops in the future, this certificate is beneficial and indispensable.