We spread the field of presentation to the society to cultivate our art and design skills

Our creation and presentation is not only on campus. We develop various projects of art and design at local community as we live together in the community. Students consciously send their message to the society and play central roles in proceeding the projects. Those efforts develop their planning, managing and also socializing skills as well as creative abilities.

1. Projection Mapping

At the request of Meiji-mura museum, the projection mapping work was screened on the building for the summer event “Meiji-mura in the evening”. Its story, pictures and sounds are produced by students. The performance in this event at Meiji-mura has been well received since 2012. The projection mapping is also performed for Little World Museum, Halloween festival event in Gifu, and Opera concert at Nagoya College of Music.


2. NOYES meets Nagoya Zokei University supported by ZIP-FM

NOYES suggest a lifestyle with introducing their original design sofa. Our students collaborated with NOYES supported by ZIP-FM, the FM radio station.
Students' works selected from Graduation Exhibition and the works linked with NZU contemporary art exhibition were displayed at the showroom of NOYES in Nagoya. We worked on the university-industry collaboration project to produce the sofa in 2012, and the selected design sofa was marketed.


3. On-campus design competition for Kasugai-city cactus character

Our school was asked to design the character and logo for Kasugai-city cactus brand by Kasugai Chambers of Commerce & Industry. Competition was held on campus to help public relations activity for Kasugai-city. The best design is used for the character goods that contribute to establishment of regional brand.


4. School-bag project

School bag maker, Matsumoto Corporation and our school affiliated to produce a new school bag for kids. Our students develop the idea and get involved in the process to commercialize the production, which was sold at Isetan department store.

5. Sustainable Village Project at Yataki Woody Land

10-year project to construct “sustainable village” at the camp-site in Seki, Gifu has been planed and developed by students. They experience the real construction challenging the traditional construction method for wooden house and also new method. Students participate in summer seminar every year and actually build the Seminar house, atelier house and gallery.